Because it’s more than just a sport. While we do compete and focus on the sport component for those that are interested – Martial Arts are a way of life. We focus on more than just physical improvement. We also focus on life skills such as Confidence, Self-Control, Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, Honor, Discipline, Self Esteem and more!


Our talks about our Word of the Month(s) will focus on applying those skills in the martial arts school, at their normal school, and at home. This isn’t simply a sport where they play it twice a week, but other than games or practices doesn’t affect their normal life. Quite simply you will get the benefits of sports with the added mental benefits that only martial arts can provide!


One other key difference is the individual or personal part of this system. Especially for the first few ranks students are mainly judged on their improvement. One student that isn’t technically as good may pass a testing because they’ve made huge personal improvements compared to another who (while technically better) didn’t actually improve over the cycle. This isn’t a place where everyone gets a trophy for showing up, they gain confidence because they know that they truly earned their ranks.  That difference of knowing you earned it instead of just given to you really helps a student feel more confident and proud because they know they earned it!