What are the Instructors’ Qualifications?

“Quality students come from quality instruction.” – All ATA instructors are graduates of a minimum, three-year intensive internship. All ATA instructors are nationally certified, and are required to re-certify every three years. Moreover, through an ATA sponsored program of advanced training, our instructors are continuously upgrading their skills. We have excellent student/instructor ratios, and ongoing private help is available to all students. All ATA teaching methods and course development are derived from over 45 years of worldwide research from over 1,500 association schools. Our teaching curriculum is based on the concepts of “positive mental attitude” and “high goal setting”.

Who are the Instructors?

  • Steve Allison, 5th Degree Black Belt, Owner & Chief Instructor
  • Kitzel Hoover, 4th Degree Black Belt, Certified Instructor
  • Catt Piotrowski, 4th Degree Black Belt, Certified Instructor
  • Mike Brady, 4th Degree Black Belt, Certified Instructor
  • Ruthe Sagartz, 3rd Degree Black Belt, Certified Instructor
  • Trainee Instructors include:
    • Kennedy Allison, 4th Degree Black Belt
    • Kirsten Hansen, 4th Degree Black Belt  (deceased)
    • Indigo Papke, 2nd Degree Black Belt
    • Larissa Brady, 2nd Degree Black Belt
    • Amy Payne, 1st Degree Black Belt
    • Lana Brady, 1st Degree Black Belt


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