LT-MA Students & Families,

Testing Information

Don’t forget that testing is TODAY, February 23rd at 6:45pm in the normal place at the Westminster Life Time facility..  All kids and adults will be at this 6:45pm time.

If you wish to test you need to turn in the following (parents if you are willing to say that they will have these papers done later due to the slightly different nature of this testing we will let you handle them completing this papers this time):

There is a guide of what students need to be able to do on the Student Downloads Page as well. This cycle all students are working on Yellow Belt Material. Please download the one under “Testing Forms” or download directly here.

Lastly, if you do happen to forget a paper or aren’t sure if you should test – come to testing! There will not be an option to re-test at a later date for this testing.  On all testing days, we don’t have any regularly scheduled classes, but we do recommend that you come a little early and practice before testing starts.


Please don’t forget:

  • If you don’t feel that your students are ready or don’t want them to test you will never receive pressure from us! If you would like them to wait until next time we understand and fully support you in this decision.
  • There will not be a make up testing for this testing. If you wish for your students to test this cycle, they must come today.


Good luck to everyone testing today,

Master Nominee Overby