Unlike other martial arts schools, the ATA doesn’t throw inexperienced beginners into a fighting ring to learn through their mistakes. During the first three belts, students are trained on One Step Sparring techniques designed to carefully introduce the fundamentals of distance and accuracy. Once students begin sparring, safety is our number one priority. All sparring gear is mandatory to participate and includes feet pads, hand pads, chest protector, mouth-guard, a padded helmet with reinforced plastic face shield, and groin protectors for male students. During a sparring match, the goal is not to harm or inflict pain on the opponent. Instead, a highly controlled point system is in place encouraging and rewarding students that can hit strike points with the most control. This teaching method ensures a safe, fun, and challenging environment while also strengthening speed, power, and control in the event these skills are needed in a real-world setting.

Sparring is required at camo belt for rank progression, however students may be able to start sparring earlier with instructor permission!